The police about big parties: – People should be more considerate

Police at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

In several places in the country, the police had to break up parties with 100 or more participants on Saturday night / Sunday morning. Large get-togethers and disturbances were also reported elsewhere.

On the night to Sunday, the Oslo police were called out to a party between Huk and Paradisbukta on Bygdøy. They estimate that several hundred people, probably in their 20s and 30s, were present.

“This was a friends-of-friends party that degenerated. Now the party is over, and the organizer is cleaning up,” says Operations Manager Marita Aune to NTB.

The police inform NRK that they were out on 54 party-related assignments in Oslo last night. They received over a hundred complaints about party noise, but did not manage to follow up on all the complaints.

Not infection control police
The police report many heavily intoxicated people, and several had to be taken care of by friends and acquaintances. The fact that so many were leaving the area also created problems with overcrowded buses.

The operations manager describes the situations with large gatherings as unfortunate in terms of the corona situation and infection control.

“People must be encouraged to comply with the recommendations given by the authorities. We must not be an infection control police. People need to be more considerate,” says Operations Manager Aune.

She says that so many reports of noise from parties have been received on Sunday morning that the police have not had the opportunity to prioritize everything.

Completely indefensible
On Saturday night, more than 100 people gathered in the Medieval Park in Oslo, and the police stopped the party. The report about the partying people in Oslo came a little after 9 pm on Saturday night. The people were aged 25 to 35 and were asked to leave the area.

To VG, Operations Manager André Kråkenes stated that it seems like an arranged party.

“This is a municipal area, so you must have a permit,” he said.

The operations manager told Nettavisen that he does not understand what people are thinking.

“I do not understand or comprehend it. It is completely unjustifiable considering the infection control rules that are in place,” Kråkenes said.

150 people at Domkirkeodden
At midnight, all nightclubs and bars had to close alcohol service, as part of the government’s new corona measures, but the many reports of loud partying from a number of places in the country indicates that people have found other ways to party.

In Hamar, they had to intervene against a large group of people on Domkirkeodden. According to the Innlandet police district, there were around 150 people present.

– The police ordered them to clean up after themselves, and they have now left the place, the operations center reports.

Dejected police in Trøndelag
The police in Nordland report 30-40 young people who held a noisy party in Soleiebakken in Mo i Rana. The young people left the place when the police arrived.

In Trøndelag, the police have registered around 30 reports of parties that have kept neighbors awake.

– Some of these have been visited by a police patrol. Otherwise, we have found ourselves having to prioritize differently. It’s a bit pointless that you have to teach adults to consider their neighbors, is the clear message from the operations center.

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