The police at Flesland Airport apply for arms license

Flesland Airport Bergen, Theft, car cycling world championshipsFlesland Airport Bergen, Photo: Avinor

Western police district has applied for permission to arm police officers who work at Bergen airport, Flesland.

According to the police, the background is a combination of the threat picture and that the police have international obligations related to security at airports.

The opening of the new terminal at Flesland has led to greater distances and in the event of any threat, the police must have a short response time.

The police emphasised that there are presently no concrete threats.

‘’This is a precautionary measure. Travellers at Flesland need not worry about their own safety’’ said police chief, Kaare Songstad.

Last year, over six million travellers passed through Flesland. The application for arming officers was sent to the Police Directorate on Wednesday. It is the Ministry of Justice and Emergency Planning that makes the final decision on the question.

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1 Comment on "The police at Flesland Airport apply for arms license"

  1. Peter Davidson | 11. May 2019 at 21:39 |

    While I understand the criteria for the request it still saddens me. From 2005 to 2008 I very regularly travelled through Bergen Airport enroute to Bulandet/ Vaerlandet and it was the friendliest most welcome airport I ever used.
    The world moves on but not always in the best direction!

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