The power is back in Østfold and Akershus

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A major power outage hit a total of 68,000 households between Sarpsborg and all the way up to Jessheim on Tuesday morning. By 9 o’clock, most had power again.

Communications manager Morten Schau in Elvia told NTB that the fault was located at Tegneby transformer station, which Statnett operates at Son. 

All households between Ski and Sarpsborg and some areas all the way up to Lillestrøm and Jessheim lost power on Tuesday morning.

“Everyone on this stretch was affected by the outcome. At most, 68,000 households were without electricity. Now 1,565 are still without electricity south of Vestby and some in Indre Østfold,” communications manager Morten Schau in Elvia told NTB at 9:05 AM.

He said the fault was in Statnett’s transformer.

Old transformer station

“We are now working to connect as many customers as possible via other routes,” Schau said.

Customers who are affected by the power outage will receive information via SMS.

According to Statnett, the Tegneby transformer station is central for both the eastern region’s supply and exchange with Sweden. 

The station is old and characterized by frequent problems. 

This autumn, Statnett has started a process to build a new station.

Trains delayed

“We have people inside the station and are working to find out what happened. We can’t say what the reason behind the outage is yet,” communications manager Marianne Veggeberg in Statnett told NTB.

Bane Nor informed NTB that train traffic is also affected by the power outage. 

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