The Rich and Famous sue Oslo over tax

Oslo City Hall, Oslo municipality finedOslo City Hall.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Rich and Famous sue Oslo over property tax

A number of the nation’s richest people have brought an action against Oslo Municipality to appeal property tax. Several politicians join in the lawsuit, writes VG.


VG has applied to Oslo Municipality for access to who has sued the municipality in order to recover property tax. The list has been released and shows that a number of key business leaders participate in the group search that the Homeowners’ National Association took on the initiative.

Among the plaintiffs are billionaires Stein Erik Hagen and Øystein Stray Spetalen, along with 3,425 other inhabitants in Oslo.

“I’m among the plaintiffs because I think it’s an incorrectly designed tax,” says Spetalen to VG, but he can not answer how much he pays in property tax.

“There are fundamental reasons why I have been against the property tax, not because it accounts for a large part of my tax. I pay 50,000 NOK a day in wealth tax,” says Spetalen.

On the list, VG has also found several politicians from the Conservatives (Høyre) in Oslo who have sued their own municipalities, among them city council representatives Hermann Alexander Kopp and Per Trygve Hoff.

After losing all the key points in the district court last year, the plaintiffs were able to partially pursue the case in Borgarting Court of Appeals in October this year. The Court of Appeal held that the first printing of property tax in the spring of 2016 and should have been done before March 1st and not July 1st.

This allows the plaintiffs to recover property tax for 2016, but not for the other years. The case is appealed to the Supreme Court, so the final outcome is yet not known.


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  1. Joakim Haugen | 3. December 2018 at 13:02 |

    Good! Property tax is theft plain and simple! The only thing this tax do is saying you never own anything in this country, it all belongs to the state and we will take it when we please.

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