The royal couple asks the people to trust the authorities

Queen Sonja and King Harald photographed at Kongsseteren in Oslo where they will spend this year's Easter.Photo: Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen / Det kongelige hoff / NTB scanpix

In an Easter greeting from Kongsseteren (The Royal Lodge), King Harald and Queen Sonja ask the people to trust the authorities and face the difficult situation with fighting spirit.

“We know that many people find it difficult. Both financially and in other ways,” says King Harald.

He points out that there are many who are laid off, or afraid of losing their jobs.

“And there are many who are simply afraid of losing their health,” he says.

The royal couple will spend this year’s Easter at Kongsseteren, and on Friday presented an Easter greeting to all the Norwegian people.

Help each other
The Queen reminds us that it is important to trust and to help one another.

“We must have great trust in the authorities and try to do the best we can with the advice we have been given to get this crisis over as quickly as possible,” she says.

She also asked for people to help each other.

“We must try to see the positive in a difficult situation, and continue with fighting spirit, because this can wear on strength and patience. But I think we are such a healthy population. We are doing this well,” says the Queen.

Look forward
Queen Sonja also says she thinks something good will come out of the crisis.

“We have to change. We must look ahead. And we have to find solutions that I think will be useful when we eventually come out of this crisis,” she says.

The King pointed out that cooperation both within Norway and with the rest of the world is important.

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  1. Very glad to see King Harald and Queen Sonja are well and in good spirits.

    I hope their staff is taking the precaution of wearing facemasks around them, for their safety. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s officials didn’t, around him, and now he is apparently in serious condition.

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