The royal couple honored fiery souls with tea at the Castle

OSLO 20191126. King Harald. After Noon tea in the castle. Photo: undefined / NTB scanpix

King Harald and Queen Sonja invited 64 elders from all over the country for Afternoon Tea at the Palace, Tuesday afternoon.

This is the fourth time the royal couple has invited older enthusiasts to the British tradition. In this way, the royal couple wants to honor the voluntary efforts made by active elders across the country.

This year’s guests are involved in sports, culture, local history, politics, social work and teaching.

“You are of great value to your communities and an inspiration to others,” said King Harald during the opening speech before the meal, Tuesday afternoon.

The tea party was organized on the same day Queen Maud would have turned 150, and it was precisely the King’s British grandmother who brought the tradition to the Castle back in 1905.

Tea drinking in England goes all the way back to 1662, but “Afternoon Tea” first became widespread from the mid-1800s. The ritual then evolved into a separate meal of bread with butter, biscuits and cakes.

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