The Royal Family adds this year’s May 17 lunch to Bygdøy Kongsgård

Queen Sonja and King HaraldOslo, Norway.Queen Sonja and King Harald.Photo: Erik Edland, TV2 / NTB scanpix

For the very first time, the Royal Family’s traditional May 17 lunch will be held at the royal estate at Bygdøy in Oslo. The menu includes hot dogs, ice- cream and cake.

“Since it is a special year this year, we want to show how we celebrate May 17 at home at Bygdøy Kongsgård, now that everyone really has to celebrate at home this special May 17,”  Queen Sonja told TV 2, while taking reporters around on a small tour of the venerable property.

Kongsgarden’s main building was erected in a hurry in 1733 when the Danish-Norwegian King Christian VI came to Norway.

This year’s May 17 lunch will take place in the main building’s dining room, where several of the castle’s specialties will be served. Scrambled eggs, coppa ham and the Norwegian and Danish varieties of smoked salmon are among the dishes served, as well as vegetables produced at Kongsgården.

In addition, there will also traditional favourites such as ‘kransekake’, ‘krone‘ ice cream, and last but not least, hot dogs wrapped in ‘lompe’. 

“After all, it will not be May 17 without hot dogs with ‘lompe’. And then I think that there is probably someone who is looking forward to it, of course the children would be, but I have a feeling that the King is also looking forward to hot dogs with ‘lompe’,” said Queen Sonja.

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