The royal family drove through the streets of Oslo in open cars

Kong HaraldOslo 20200517. Kong Harald.Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix

The royal family surprised everyone as they drove in open cars through the streets of Oslo at the 17th May celebration. The cars drove to both Ullevål Hospital and several nursing homes.

At around 13.45, the iconic cars rolled out of the Palace and down Slottsplassen and Karl Johans gate in Oslo.

The capital’s streets were relatively empty during this year’s 17th May celebration compared to the usual crowds on National Day.

Still, many got a lucky glimpse of the royal family, waving to people along the roads.

“Pop-up King”
The route went down Karl Johan before driving through Grønland and Tøyen. The cars drove past the care center at Kampen and the Sofienberg home at Grünerløkka, where Kampen School’s Music Corps and Lakkegata School’s Music Corps respectively were present to play.

Thereafter, the car cortege headed to Ullevål Hospital, where the cars stopped and the royals waved to employees and patients. The Guard’s Music Corps was also present and played for the attendees, before the cars again drove through the large hospital facility at Ullevål.

The last point of the royal car ride was past the Children’s Center at the hospital.

Historic cars
The royal couple sat in the iconic Roadmaster A1 from 1939. This is the same car that brought King Haakon Vll, Crown Princess Märtha and the children through the same streets on 7th June, 1945 when they returned to Norway after the war.

The car was last used in an official context when Crown Prince Haakon came of age in 1991, as well as the seal of King Harald and Queen Sonja the same year. It was also used during the filming of the movie “Max Manus” in 2008.

The Crown Prince Couple sat in the A5, a Lincoln Continental that was used both during the royal couple’s wedding in 1968 and at the Crown Prince’s wedding in 2001.

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  1. Even in open (and by definition) well-ventilated air, that is BRAVE. 🙂

    Such courage is typical of Harald, King of the Norwegians.

    I hope he and family are SAFE.


    (A week or so ago, I felt a severe irritation in my throat after coming back from the supermarket, and I actually gargled with very soapy water – since soap reportedly dissolves this virus. I used the pure white neutral natural soap, and the sudden biting hurt and need to cough immediately and completely vanished.)

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