The Seamen’s Church receives 16 million in Coronavirus compensation

Spain.Torrevieja. Seamen's ChurchSpain.Torrevieja. Seamen's Church.Photo: Norway Today Media

The Government grants the Seamen’s Church NOK 16 million in the revised state budget to compensate for revenues that have fallen away during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The amount corresponds to what the Seamen’s Church applied for to cover the loss of income, writes Vårt Land.

– “The government wants the Seamen’s Church to be able to maintain its preparedness and presence for Norwegians abroad during and after the Coronavirus pandemic,” says children’s and family minister Kjell Ingolf Ropstad (KrF) to the newspaper.

The grant is also justified by the fact that the economy of the Seamen’s Church is hit hard because the church’s activities are abroad and thus fall outside various crisis packages and support schemes established in Norway.

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