The search continues for missing Norwegian woman in Sweden

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Swedish police continue their search for the 43-year-old Norwegian woman who disappeared from Landskrona in Skåne on Christmas Eve.

Divers from the Swedish coastguard have been conducting new searches on Saturday in the sea where the woman was last seen. Police are also using a drone to get an overview of the area from the air.

“No discoveries have been made,” spokeswoman Katarina Rusin of police region Syd told NTB at 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon.

Also on Thursday and Friday, divers searched the sea, with no results.

More findings
Police say that the Norwegian woman was last seen at 11 p.m. at the Skeppsbron quay, where a number of cruise ships are moored. It was relatives who, at 12.01 on Christmas Day, notified police that the woman was missing, Rusin said.

Several findings have been made in the case. Among the findings is the woman’s cell phone.

“We will analyze the phone thoroughly,” says Rusin.

No suspect
Police are still investigating the case as an abduction.

“It’s because we still can’t rule out that she has disappeared against her will,” says Rusin.

Police have conducted several witness interviews in the case, but no one has been arrested or suspected.

The missing woman resides in Landskrona.

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