The Taliban are coming to Norway to negotiate

Ole Lindeman - TalibanPhoto: UD / NTB

The Taliban is sending a delegation to Norway to negotiate with activists and diplomats. This is the first time this has happened since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan.

The Taliban captured Kabul and seized power in Afghanistan on August 16. Western countries have been reluctant to establish contact with the new regime, but recently there have been diplomatic contacts.

The meeting in Norway will last for three days – Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, the newspaper VG writes.

“This is not a legitimation or recognition of the Taliban. But we must talk to those who in practice govern the country today. 

“We can not let the political situation lead to an even worse humanitarian catastrophe,” Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt told the newspaper.

Norway sent out the invitation 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that Norway sent out the meeting invitation.

“We are extremely concerned about the serious situation in Afghanistan. It is a full-scale humanitarian catastrophe for millions of people. To help the civilians in Afghanistan, the international community, as well as Afghans from different parts of the community, must have a dialogue with the Taliban. We want to be clear when it comes to our expectations, especially when it comes to girls’ schooling and human rights such as women’s participation in society,” Huitfeldt said.

Norway continues to engage in dialogue with the Taliban to promote human rights, women’s participation in society, and strengthen humanitarian and economic efforts in Afghanistan in support of the Afghan people.

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