The two sisters from Bærum accused of terrorism have been released from prison in Syria

Al-Hol campPhoto: AP Photo / Baderkhan Ahmad, File

Two sisters from Bærum who were imprisoned in Syria in December 2021 were released on Thursday last week and are back in the Syrian detention camp Roj.

Media director for the police in northeastern Syria Abdullah Sadun told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the women have been released from prison.

The two Bærum women, who have been charged by the Police Security Service (PST) in Norway for participating in a terrorist organization, have not been interviewed by the channel.

The sisters were arrested in December last year and moved from the Roj camp to a prison near the city of Al Hasakah because the camp management believed that the women were organizing extremist activities in the camp. 


Some of the women organized demonstrations and demanded to leave the camp. In one of the demonstrations, the women shouted slogans such as “God is great” and “The Islamic State is coming,” according to a written statement NRK received from the authorities in the area, the Kurdish-dominated militia SDF.

“Women in the camp demonstrated and shouted slogans and carried black flags. The next day, our police forces went to talk to the women who were demonstrating. We wanted to find out what they wanted. 

“They wanted to be released immediately. While we talked with them, they attacked our forces and set several tents on fire,” media director Sadun told NRK.

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