The Ukraine war to cause shortage of winter tires in Norway, according to the tire industry

Winter tiresPhoto: Erlend Aas / NTB

There will likely be a shortage of winter tires in the coming winter season due to Russia’s war in Ukraine, according to the tire industry.

Almost a third of the tires people buy in Norway is produced in Russia, and as part of a series of sanctions against the country, Norway has stopped producing its tires there, the newspaper Nettavisen writes.

“Russia has long been a major producer of winter tires for the countries in the north. The reason for that is that Russia is a huge market with huge demand and enormous resources. But they had an import duty that negatively affected Norwegian suppliers.

“So the suppliers found out that they could set up factories over there and thus make it cheaper to import to the Nordics,” Paul Oord, managing director of Starco Norge, one of the country’s largest tire suppliers, stated.

He says that they are now no longer getting tires from Russia and that they are in the process of moving the factories out of the country. The tire suppliers are now trying to obtain tires from Asian countries.

Oord also says that the lack of a specific type of steel imported from Ukraine does not make the situation easier.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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  1. Mallory (Gregory Peck), from The Guns of Navarone excellent classic film:

    “The only way to win a war is to be as awful as they are. The only thing that concerns me is waking up one day and discovering we have become worse than they are.”

    Not trying to prevent this war – indeed, causing the war by opposing the fair security treaty the Russians needed and still need and then feeding weapons into it to escalate it – did indeed by Nuremberg make us worse than they are.

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