The UN asks Norway to ban gay conversion therapy

Gay festival in Oslo 2016Gay festival in Oslo 2016.Photo: Norway Today Media

UN Independent Expert Victor Madrigal-Borloz asks all world countries to ban gay conversion therapy in an independent report. This also applies to Norway.

Several countries have already banned conversion therapy, including Germany, Malta, Ecuador, Brazil and Taiwan, but Norway is not one of them, writes Dagbladet.

Arbeiderpartiet’s Anette Trettebergstuen therefore asks the government to speed up the investigation of such a ban, which was passed in the Storting last autumn. That is why she has asked Minister of Culture and Equality Abid Raja (Venstre) a written question in the Storting on the matter.

“Abid Raja was outspoken and thought the ban should just be passed. Now he is responsible for it all. Last year it was said that this report should be in place this spring. Much is delayed due to corona, but this is not a demanding investigation. That is why I am asking about what is happening,” says Trettebergstuen.

However, Raja’s ministry believes the investigation is more complicated than it may seem.

“Few countries have specific bans on conversion therapy. It is pioneering work that raises many difficult legal issues,” writes State Secretary Gunhild Berge Stang (Venstre) to Dagbladet.

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