The Young Conservatives want public brothels

A prostitute at workA prostitute at work.Photo: Robert Schlesinger / NTB scanpix NB! MODELLKLARERT

The Young Conservatives want to move prostitution from the street and into  officially recognized brothels.

Member of the Central Board Petter Haraldsen Haugland is pleased that the majority of the youth party National Executive Committee supported the proposal Saturday. He believes these changes will make life better for sex workers.

– Experiences from other countries indicates that legal brothels give sex workers a greater security than that offered by a street corner, and also gives them the opportunity to organize themselves into unions, he said.

The Young Conservatives National Board also voted in favor of a proposal of dismantling the sex law and pimping law. Haugland believes dismantling this law  will make it easier for sex workers to get friends from the outside to look after them.

The National Executive committee will also provide support for exit programs for those who want to get out of prostitution environment.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today