There are Coronavirus cases in more than half of all nursing homes in Oslo

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The Coronavirus has been detected in 23 nursing homes in Oslo. Residents in nursing homes making up a significant proportion of Coronavirus deaths in the country so far.

In addition to proven Covid-19 infections at 23 nursing homes, the virus has been detected at four other institutions that are now “clean”, writes Dagens Næringsliv.

The Nursing home department in Oslo operates 39 long-term homes and four health homes. Each year they treat around 8,000 patients and long-term residents.

– “We are very concerned that employees may have such mild symptoms that they do not notice it themselves, and therefore bring infection into the nursing home. The danger of this is now increasing as Oslo is the epicenter of the outbreak in Norway,” says Anne Berger Sørli, director of private nursing homes in the National Nursing Home.

She believes that nursing homes are particularly prone to infection because there are many people in close contact.

– “In the community you can have two meters distance. When you place a resident with us, you cannot be two meters away; one must be able to help someone else go to the bathroom, for example. But if there is an infection in a patient, one uses infection control equipment to avoid getting infected,” she says.

Right now, there are around 10,000 employees in nursing homes in Oslo, and they have over 4100 residents and patients.

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