These are the issues that divide the Labor Party, the Center Party, and the Socialist Left Party

Jonas Gahr StørePhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

If Labor Party (AP) leader Jonas Gahr Støre is to get both the Center Party (SP) and the Socialist Left Party (SV) in his new government, he must manage to unite the three parties on a number of issues. These are some of the issues that can become a matter of dispute:

* Oil: The SV is against more oil exploration, while both the AP and the SP want to “develop, not wind up” the oil industry. The AP’s point of departure is that exploration will continue, but Støre has signaled that there is no talk of “large exploration operations.”

The SV also demands changes in the oil tax, including the introduction of a new production tax.

* Climate: The AP is in favor of cutting 55% of emissions by 2030 (from the 1990 level). The SP wants to cut 50-55%, while the SV wants to cut 70%.

The AP and the SV want to more than triple the CO2 tax from the current NOK 590 to NOK 2,000 by 2030. The SP is against the increase.

The SP demands that if the CO2 tax on petrol and diesel goes up, other fuel taxes must go down so that the effect on the pump price is zeroed out. The AP, for its part, has only promised to halve the effect of an increased CO2 tax on the pump price through cuts in the road use tax until 2025.

The SV does not want to compensate for increased CO2 tax with reductions in other taxes.

The SV also wants the cities to be able to adopt zero-emission zones, where people would only be allowed to drive with electric or hydrogen cars, which the SP is strongly opposed to. The SP is also opposed to Norway’s climate cooperation with the EU.

* Tax: The AP wants to increase the wealth tax by NOK 7.2 billion but has promised that the total tax level would stand still. That means that if one fee goes up, another has to go down.

The SV does not share that approach and is in favor of a total tax and duty jump of around NOK 18 billion. The SV also wants to reintroduce the inheritance tax.

The three parties disagree on who should pay more in taxes. The SP and the AP set the limit at NOK 750,000 in income, while the SV sets it at NOK 600,000.

The SP wants an overall tax and duty level approximately at the current level but has opened up for sharpening the wealth tax. The SP also wants a new model that provides deductions for machines, equipment, and other so-called operating assets.

* EEA: The AP has guaranteed that the EEA agreement will form the basis for a new government. In their manifestos, the SP and the SV have stated that they want to terminate the agreement and replace it with a trade agreement.

The SP has moderated its position somewhat during the election campaign and now says they don’t want to terminate the EEA agreement until a better agreement is in place.

* Defense: The AP and the SP are in favor of Norwegian NATO membership and close security policy cooperation with the United States. The SV is against that.

The SP has also promised a substantial defense investment in the north and has previously announced tough negotiations on the closure of Andøya airport, which the AP agrees with.

* Predators: The SP wants fewer predators in Norwegian nature, while the SV wants to ensure viable populations of the four large predators in Norway – wolves, wolverines, bears, and lynx – and that these have contiguous habitats.

* Health trusts: The AP wants to keep the health trusts model, while the SP and the SV want to scrap it.

* Abortion: The AP and the SV want to expand the current limit for self-determined abortion, while the SP wants to keep the 12-week limit.

* Child allowance: The AP and the SV want to remove child allowance, while the SP wants to keep the scheme in place.

* Nature: The AP and the SV share the goal of protecting 10% of the forest. The SP does not.

* Dental health and SFO: The SV went to the polls on a dental health reform, where necessary dental treatment is equated with other health services with similar deductibles. The SP also wants dental treatment in the deductible section of the National Insurance Scheme.

The AP wants a “gradual expansion of the public dental health service with the aim of equating it with other health services.”

The SV wants free SFO (after-school activity). The Labor Party is in favor of free SFO for all first graders, while the SP wants to introduce free core time for low-income families.

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