These are the most popular Coronavirus searches

Coronavirus in Norway - home officeCoronavirus in Norway - home office.Photo: Mona Oshiro / NTB scanpix

Norwegians now search for “Coronavirus” more than “weather” on the Google search engine. “Coronavirus Norway” was the most popular Coronavirus-related search last week.

On Friday, Google launched a Norwegian theme page for the search for the Coronavirus. It shows that the following Corona-related searches were the most popular last week:

  1. Coronavirus Norge
  2. vg coronavirus
  3. Coronavirus symptoms
  4. coronavirus in Norway
  5. coronavirus live

Last week, some keywords that had not been as popular in the past also exploded. The largest increase was the following searches:

  1. cardi b coronavirus
  2. ibuprofen coronavirus
  3. coronavirus phases
  4. coronavirus Norway statistics
  5. worldometer info coronavirus

In a regular week, weather is by far the most popular search on Google, but in recent weeks this has changed, and Coronavirus searches are far higher. The peak was reached on March 11, when Norwegians searched five times as much for Coronavirus as for the weather.

After this, conditions have changed somewhat, but Norwegians still do twice as many Coronavirus searches as weather searches.

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