Thieves attacked police with nail-plank

Police, Critical InjuriesPolice car. Photo Norway Today Media

The police have arrested foreigners who were attempting to steal copper from a construction site in Oslo. The men attacked both the police officer and his dog.

– It was quite dramatic. A colleague was hit in the head with a nail plank. He is reported to have bled a lot, but did not was not seriously hurt, Operations Manager in the Oslo Police District, Christian Krohn Engeseth, told NTB.

The police were notified of the break-in at 00.38 am on Tuesday. Several police patrols were sent to the place.

– An officer from the dog patrol got control of one of the men, but was attacked by another, who also kicked the service dog, says Engeseth.

The dog bit the man, and it also bit one of the others who also kicked at it. The police got control of three of the men after a short while, while the fourth was not apprehended before 4 am.

– Of those arrested, two got bite injuries to their back and legs, but have been stitched up at the emergency ward and driven to the arrest, the Operation Manager said. Three of the men are in their twenties and the fourth in the thirties. The police denote them as mobile thieves.

– They have been charged with violence against a public servant as well as break-in and theft, says Engeseth.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today