This weekend, autumn weather arrives from the West

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There are no clear “weather winners” this weekend, when the autumn air enters the country for the first time with varying amounts of precipitation. But Western Norway is the loser in that sense

In several places in Norway, people have until now had temperatures up to 30 degrees and great summer weather, and it hangs a bit in the air, despite heavy rainfall in several places. But this weekend it’s over, and it’s Ellen’s fault.

Storm Ellen from Ireland

“The storm center came in towards Ireland on Wednesday night to Thursday. It will arrive in Norway this weekend, but not with anything close to the same force. Though it will be humid”, says on-duty meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerli to NTB.

The remains of Ellen may have lost her footing, but she brings with her lots of precipitation and wind, especially to Western Norway.

“We definitely have a weather loser in Western Norway. It will be a real autumn there now. There are no clear weather winners this weekend, but Central Norway and Northern Norway come out of it better than the rest of the country, just before the weekend”, says Fagerli.

New air masses

According to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, the weather system coming in from the west will lead to a replacement of the air masses over Norway, where the warm air from last week will be replaced by much cooler sea air – and this will continue to be the case in the future.

“We probably have to settle for lower temperatures, which will point towards autumn now”, says Fagerli.

Towards the weekend, the weather becomes more unstable, with periodic winds and precipitation, where especially Western Norway will get what he describes as “a good deal of precipitation” from Friday and the weekend, in addition to a lot of wind from Thursday to Sunday.

Will be a little sheltered
While Eastern Norway and Southern Norway may have periods of rain from Thursday night, and even more possibility of rain on Friday, Central Norway, Møre and Romsdal and parts of Sogn og Fjordane end up a little sheltered.

“Trøndelag especially, including south of Trondheim, will get a lot of good weather on Thursday and Friday and avoids the worst rainfall. This weekend there are variations, but far less rain and wind than in Western Norway”, says Fagerli.

In Eastern and Southern Norway, there will be less precipitation after Friday.

“On Saturday there may be periods of precipitation, while on Sunday there will be little rain and quite nice in those parts, adds Fagerli.

In northern Norway, conditions will be highly variable on Saturday and Sunday, both with varying winds and periods of rain.

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