This year’s first tropical temperature night can come this weekend

Oslo.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / SCANPIX

So far this summer there have been no tropical temperature nights, but there is a possibility that the first one will come at the weekend, according to the meteorologists.

“We haven’t had any tropical nights this year. We see that maybe night to Saturday there are opportunities for it at some measuring stations. What we see is that it might happen at Færder in Vestfold and in Trøndelag,” says the watch meteorologist Ragnhild Nordhagen from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute at NTB.

It is at these stations that there is the highest probability, but it is not very high, according to Nordhagen.

Although there are often measuring stations in the interior that can boast high temperatures during the day, it is often the stations along the coast that get the tropical nights. The meteorologist therefore emphasizes that any tropical night may depend on whether the sea temperature is high enough.

In Norway it is common to experience tropical nights in July and August, but last year’s summer gave a record-breaking listing. Even the night before May 31 last year, the measuring stations at Lindesnes lighthouse in Vest-Agder and Eigerøy outside Egersund in Rogaland were able to detect tropical heat.

The requirement for a tropical night is that the minimum temperature does not go below 20 degrees during the entire night.

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