Thousands of chickens lost in a fire in Rogaland

chickenFinnøy.A chicken house.Photo: Gudmund Rørheim / Øyposten Finnøy / NTB Scanpix

A chicken house with around 20,000 chickens on Finnøy in Rogaland has burned down to the ground. None of the chickens could be saved.


The announcement about the fire arrived just after nine o’clock on Wednesday, it came from the operating manager Victor Jensen of the southwestern police district, NTB states.

– The house burned down to the ground. No chickens were saved, says the operation manager.

Currently, the cause of the fire is unknown. The scene will be investigated by detective technicians once it has cooled down. According to Rogaland’s newspaper, this will not be possible for several days.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today