Thousands gathered on Sergelstorg in manifestation of love

StockholmStockholm, Sweden.Thousands gathered on Sergelstorg in manifestation of love.Photo: Torstein B˜øe / NTB scanpix

Two days after the attack that shook Sweden, several thousand people gathered at Sergelstorg, just a stone’s throw away from the scene of the horrific truck attack.

Initiator Damon Rasti has encouraged people to respond with light and warmth to what the police believe was a terrorist attack. On Facebook 25,000 people promised they would participate in what is described as a manifestation of love.

Attendance was formidable. A huge crowd turned up to hear artists, speeches and appeals. At 2.53 pm, exactly two days after the attack, the victims were remembered by one minute of silence.

– Even if you do not know the next person, you share the sadness, fear and confusion, says Rasti to Expressen.

Sergelstorg is located very near to the place where a truck at high speed ploughed through the crowd in the busy pedestrian street Drottninggatan on Friday afternoon. Political statements were unwelcome at Sunday’s event.

Another suspect

Sunday another person was indicted as a suspect in the attack. The person is also suspected of terrorist crimes including murder, according to the Swedish news agency TT.

The identity of the suspect is not known, nor is his connection with the 39-year-old Uzbek already suspected of killing four people in the centre of Stockholm with a hijacked truck on Friday.

The second suspect was, according to Expressen, arrested just before 9 am on Sunday and has been appointed a public defender.

The State Prosecutors will make no further comment on the matter.

It is not clear whether the person is among the two that Sunday morning was arrested by the Swedish Anti Terror Police in Sollentuna, north of Stockholm. According to Aftonbladet, the two have connections with the 39-year-old, but police will as of now make no comments regarding the arrest.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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