Thousands of residence permits are reassessed by the UDI

UDI Logo, minor asylum seekersLogo UDI. Photo Norway Today Media

The government has a target requirement of 7,500 returns of asylum seekers during the year. According to Aftenposten newspaper,UDI is considering withdrawing the residence permit from over 6,000 cases.


The calculations Aftenposten has made are based on UDI’s own numbers, and a new report from the Department of Social Research. The figures show that there will be between 6,000 and 7,000 cases from last year, where UDI is considering withdrawing the residence permit.

An increasing number of asylum seekers and their families who have first stayed in Norway are at risk of losing the permit.

According to the chief executive of the ASYA Division in UDI,Dag Bærvahr, the development is due to several factors,including more resources for work, clearer guidelines and new ways of obtaining evidence.

Norway is struggling to reach the goal of returning 7,500 asylum seekers by 2018. Uncovering the use of incorrect ID and asylum declarations is a means of reaching the target.Between 25 and 30 full-time workers in the UDI have been devoted to this work from this year.

Researchers from the Department of Social Research have analysed the recall cases made by UDI, and pointed out that there is an important distinction between losing residence because of cheating and losing residence permits because the authorities believe that protection is no longer required.

It is only in recent years that UDI have begun a practice where you can have protection for legitimate reasons, but lose a residence permit because changes have occurred in the home country.


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