Threats against Minister of Justice, Wara

Minister of Justice, Tor Mikkel Wara, threat pstMinister of Justice, Tor Mikkel Wara. Photo: Ministry of Justice

PST investigate threats against Minister of Justice, Wara

The Special Branch (PST) investigates serious threats to Justice Minister Tor Mikkel Wara (Progress Party). His house and car have been tagged, and his car may have been attempted to be ignited.


– We have started investigating threats against Government officials this afternoon. We are in an initial phase of the investigation. There are aspects of the matter that make us look very seriously at it, senior adviser in PST, Martin Bernsen, tells NTB.

He says that they are investigating broadly, but will not provide further comments yet. The case was first mentioned by Filter Nyheter.

On the car of Wara, it is written «racist» and drawn a swastika. On the wall of the house «racist» is likewise written in red letters.

May have tried to ignite

NRK  has published pictures showing that someone has dropped a thread into the fuel tank of the car, which may indicate that they had plans to ignite it.

The National Broadcaster was present when the Minister of Justice came home on Thursday afternoon.

– I have no comment today, he says.

The PST states that they are investigating whether there is a connection between threats and explosives found in the police house at Ski.

The Ministry of Justice does not want to comment on the matter to NTB. Neither does Leader of the Progress Party (Frp), Siv Jensen.


Wara’s party colleague and Member of Parliament, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, has lived with a threat to himself and his family.

– I think this is sad for Wara and his family. Tor Mikkel Wara went from a safe and good job in business and said yes to becoming Minister of Justice in Norway. It was not to be greedy and a racist that he did that, Tybring-Gjedde tells NRK.


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    Everyone on the left is like this, violent agressive and evil!

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