Threats must have consequences, according to Høie

Bent HøieMinister of Health and Care Services, Bent Høie, becomes County Governor in Rogaland. Photo

Threats must have consequences, according to Minister Høie

Minister of Health, Bent Høie (Conservatives), says that the management in Helse Nord (Health North Norway) has done a good job in ensuring that threats coming from Director Tor Ingebrigtsen had consequences.


– Threats are utterly unacceptable and I fully trust the way Marianne Telle and the board and management of Helse Nord have handled the case at. This was a serious matter that must have consequences, says Cabinet Minister Høie to NRK.

Director of UNN (University Hospital Northern Norway) ,Tor Ingebrigtsen, chairperson Jorhill Andreassen and deputy leader Erling Espeland all abandon their position after the chairperson of Helse Nord went public and told that she had been exposed to threats from Ingebrigtsen. That was made clear after an extraordinary board meeting on Friday.

Minister of Health, Bent Høie, says he was informed about the matter last month.

– I received information about who was behind the threats against Marianne Telle at the beginning of January, and naturally expected that Helse Nord and the board in Helse Nord handled the case. They have done so, says Høie.

Telle confirmed Wednesday to Dagens Medisin that she was threatened by Tor Ingebrigtsen in connection with the struggle to establish a so-called PCI center in Bodø. This is an offer of advanced methods for treating patients with a heart attack. The centre Bodø has been strongly opposed by the management of the hospital in Tromsø.

– He said that if that happens, it would have serious consequences for my person. He said things like “we’re mad at you”, “you’ll be crushed”, “you will be left with nothing,” says Telle to iTromsø


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