Three arrested after mass fight in Oslo

PolicePolice at work.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Three people were arrested after fighting between approximately thirty people at Youngstorget in Oslo on Tuesday night.


Just before 01.00 on Wednesday morning, the police reported a fight between many people at Youngstorget.

“When the patrol arrived, it stopped immediately, and people ran in all directions,”said operations manager in Oslo police district, Tor Jøkling, to NTB news.

Approximately 30 people, mostly of African origin, were involved.

‘’They used iron bars, planks and flower pots as weapons. Witnesses had also seen machetes,’’ said Jøkling.


The police arrested three people suspected of violence, bodily injury and possession of weapons.

They are three men in their 20s and early 30s with non-western backgrounds.

The police have conducted on-site investigations, interviewed witnesses, and will check video surveillance on site if possible.

The search for remaining persons who participated in the fight has been dropped.

“There is nothing so far that indicates there will be more suspects in the case that interrogation and further investigation shows’’, said the operation manager to NTB news at 02.50.

Woman injured

Just after the police arrived at Youngstorget, they were notified of an event close by, in Torggata. A woman had been hit on the head with a bottle.

The woman bled from her head. She was taken by the ambulance service after care on site before she was sent to the emergency room for treatment and X-rays.

“We have a theory that it may be related to the fight,” Jøkling told NTB news just after the incident.

The woman was a casual passerby, and had no connection to the fight.

Innocent passers-by

The operations manager said that the police are looking very seriously at the situation.

“There is a high risk of injury when weapons are used,” pointed out Jøkling.

“In addition, Youngstorget is a central place with a lot of nightlife and casual passers-by that can be hurt. This was emphasised by the night’s events, where an innocent woman was beaten.

More violence on weekdays

“This is really an event one associated with weekend nightlife. We are seeing a tendency for such things to now spread beyond to weekdays, and they can happen anytime,’’ said Jøkling.

He does not want to wonder what’s the cause of that tendency.

“It’s just how it’s become, so we try to respond in the best possible way.”


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