Three out of four young people have shared nude pictures of themselves

smartphoneSmartphone.Phone: Mia Oshiro Junge / NTB scanpix

A new survey showed that three out of four young people aged between 18 and 20 have shared nude pictures of themselves. 40% have taken such pictures of themselves.


The survey was conducted by ‘InFact / YouGov’ on behalf of Telenor and UNICEF Norway.It also appears that two out of three have received nude pictures of others, and that one in three would blame themselves if the images were released out on the web.

“It is surprising that there are many who are blaming themselves for their own naked images being released, but not blaming the one who actually sent it on,” said Ana Brodtkorb, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility in Telenor to Dagsavisen newspaper.

“It is sad that young people think that the one who posts the photos must bear the sting when it is the one who forwarded the picture that has done something wrong,’’ she added.

35% of respondents regretted that they have taken or sent a nude image of themselves,and 63% said they will not do it in future.

Taking, storing and sharing naked images of others can be punishable, and 93% of the respondents said they are aware that one can be punished for this.

The survey is presented during the debate “Nude pictures – punishment or forgiveness” at Arendalsuka on Thursday.


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