Three generation up for deportation after 27 years in Norway

asylum seekers july - UDI familyThe Norwegian Department of Immigration (UDI). Photo Norway Today Media

Norwegian Immigration wants deport a whole family of twelve people, over three generations,  because they believe the married couple lied about his identity when they came to Norway in 1990.

The notification of the withdrawn of the citizenships also concerns  the couple’s three children and grandchildren. Everyone has been told to leave the country by August 1.  this year, writes Aftenposten.

After considering a report from the passport control at Fornebu in 1996 and listing in records from Jordan, the UDI believes that t the couple were Jordanian nationals.

The family says that this is due to misunderstanding and has obtained confirmation that they were Palestinian refugees in Syria before they traveled to Norway.

The couple was granted Norwegian citizenship in 1997. In 2012 the family was notified that UDI believed that the couple gave incorrect information and that the family’s Norwegian citizenship is granted in error. In 2016 they were told that citizenships are recalled.

– I was nine years old when I came to Norway, my sister just four. Now, after 27 years in Norway and 20 years as a Norwegian citizen, they want to take it all from us, says the couple’s 35 years old son told Aftenposten.

He now asks why there is a statute of limitations for criminal acts, but not when it comes to citizenship.

35 revocation cases are appealed to the Norwegian Immigration. Oslo District Court is this week considering the same issue in a lawsuit in which  the biomedical laboratory scientist Mahad Abib Mahamud sued the state at the UDI after the  30-year-old was deprived of his Norwegian citizenship after 16 years in Norway.

UDI believes Mahamud lied about his Somali identity and that he instead is from Djibouti. Mahamud came to Norwa when he was 14.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today