Three men convicted of gang rape in Kongsberg

Kongsberg District CourtKongsberg District Court.Photo:

Three young asylum seekers are sentenced to imprisonment up to six years for raping a woman who was walking home from the jazz festival in Kongsberg last summer.

The three are sentenced to imprisonment for four years and nine months, five years and six years, according to NRK. Prison sentences were in line with the prosecutor’s assertion.

The woman in her 20s has explained that she was pulled into a residence on the night of  7. July last year and that she was raped.

Two of the men admitted guilt, while the third argues that it was voluntary from the woman’s side. The 19-year-old man who claimed that it was all voluntary,  was given the strictest punishment of six years in prison.

One of the three convicted who received five years in prison, has been granted residency in Norway by the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), who thinks he is a minor.

Prosecutors believe, however, that he is over 18, and has been supported by the court. The doctor who examined him believe he is 22 years old, according to NRK.

Kongsberg and Eiker district court finds it proven beyond reasonable doubt that the three were together about the action and that they “have abetted another in the deed”.

The Court points out that the woman was paralyzed due to intoxication and fear,  and that she did not know how many people would assault her.

The three are convicted to pay the woman a total of 400.000 NOK in damages.

The lawyers for two of the men stated that they will appeal the verdict, while the third man will take some  time to think.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. So any rapist or sexual deviant applying for citizenship is ok once they are under 18. There are medical procedures for verifying the true age of a criminal and on conviction of a crime it should be a given that the persons rights do not supercede the quest of establishing their true age so they can meet the full force of the law. Sadly the once admired and envied Nordic countries have now being labeled sexual assault capitals of Europe. Asylum and citizenship may be a right in those countries but it also has a greater onus of responsibility to be a good citizen or citizenship should be withdrawn.

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