Three men are convicted of supporting the ISIS in Syria

State lawyers Jan Glent and Frederik g. RankeOSLO.State lawyers Jan Glent and Frederik g. Ranke (L) speaks to the press.Photo : Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Three men are in the Supreme Court sentenced to prison terms from seven months to four years and six months for a terrorist association and supporting the ISIS in Syria.

The penalties are a bit milder than when the matter was raised in Court of Appeal.
This is the first time one Norwegian court makes a judgment on involving and supporting a terrorist organization.
A Norwegian- Somalian man is sentenced to prison for four years and three months which is three months less than what he was convicted of in Court of Appeal. A deduction is 768 days for time spent in custody.
Two Norwegian-Albanian brothers have sentenced also to four years and six months and four years and seven months in prison. The first one got a reduction of768 days for time spent in custody and for the second 31 days.
For one of the brothers was the result of judgment  the same as the one made in the Court of Appeal while for the other one the penalty was reduced by one month.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today