Three Norwegians charged with gross fraud after receiving 500,000 kroner in corona support from NAV

NAVPhoto: Vidar Ruud / NTB

A woman and two men, all in their 30s, are charged with gross fraud or complicity in gross fraud by Nav in connection with corona support schemes.

The three are all Norwegian citizens, the prosecutor in the case, police attorney John Lode Roscoe, told news bureau NTB.

They were arrested during a police search of two addresses in Bergen Municipality on Wednesday, March 17. After interrogation, the three were released.

One person is also charged with money laundering of proceeds from the fraud, the Western Police District announced.

The police suspect that the three have given incorrect information about their work situation in several dozen applications to the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV) between March and December of 2020.

The transport industry

The three and a limited company they have controlled have received a total of NOK 500,000 through corona support schemes. 

In addition, they are also said to have applied for an additional NOK 3 million on false grounds.

The payments came through support schemes such as unemployment benefits, reimbursement of sickness benefits and care benefits, sickness benefits for the self-employed, and wage compensation.

“I can say that the company is in the transport industry,” Roscoe said.

Comprehensive review

The case was reported to the police by the NAV in February.

“The NAV has probably caught it through internal control routines. They have gone further and delivered a comprehensive review with a lot of documentation,” Roscoe added.

The police aim to end the investigation during the spring.

“We have received signals that we should give these issues a high priority. There have not been that many yet, but we expect them eventually,” Roscoe noted.

“We want to show that these are issues we take seriously.”

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