Three teenage boys convicted of sexually assaulting a handicapped woman

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A teenage boy has been sentenced to prison for 60 days, and to community service, for sexually assaulting a woman with Down syndrome. The other two have been convicted of filming the incident.

Tønsberg District Court found the three teenage boys guilty of sexually assaulting a mentally handicapped woman in her 40s,who suffers from Down syndrome, reported NRK news.

The 18-year-old who had sex with the woman was sentenced to jail for 60 days, as well as being given a community service sentence of 420 hours that should be completed in two years.

The court gave him a lighter sentence because he has lived in a staffed residential center, and has been followed closely by the health services. The two boys who filmed the incident, and spread the video afterward, were sentenced to a youth penalty of two years.

‘For punishment of the two youngest perpetrators, I think it was balanced and is right in this case. When it comes to punishment for the oldest, so I think that it was somewhat milder in terms of the seriousness of the crime’, said the woman’s counsel, Christofer Arnø to the news channel.

Prosecutors had asked for four years in prison for the 18 year old. His lawyer, Arild Alkmklov, is pleased that the court took into account his client’s condition.

‘The sentence is far from the prosecution’s claim for four years’ imprisonment for my client. The court took regard to his low level of functioning, and it made the right judgment’, he said to NRK.

The three boys must also pay a total of 100,000 in compensation to the woman.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today