Three wolves kill dog in Eidskog

Wolf faster SheepWolf.Photo:

On Saturday, a Jack Russell terrier dog was attacked and killed by three wolves in the vicinity of his home in Eidskog municipality in Hedmark.

The incident happened when the family dog was let out for an extra round when it all went wrong, writes Glåmdalen and several other media. The Norwegian Nature Inspectoarate confirms that there are three wolves that have been at work.

– The dog disappeared and there has been a wolf here. We have found some remains of the dog, but not all of it, says Simen Bredvold from Nature Inspectorate to newspaper VG.

According to NRK news, the eight year old Jack Russell terrier was grabbed by a wolf just two meters from the house. Afterwards, the wolf took the dog with him approximately 30 meters down an embankment to the roadside, where the other two wolves stood waiting.

The dog’s owner, Mari Gerhardsen says to NRK that she lives in an area with neighbours close by. The Wolf Opponents in Eidskog municipality have already decided to apply for a hunting permit following the incident.

– We are applying to the County for a hunting permit tomorrow, says Ole Anders Tønneberg to Glåmdalen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today