Defendant ran internet searches on school mates in the days before double killing

Police technicians jobsPolice technicians jobs.Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

The 16 year old boy charged with a double killing in Kristiansand, searched the names of a number of schoolmates on the internet several times, according to a National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) report.


In June, he was sentenced to 11 years of detention in Kristiansand District Court, for killing Jakob Hassan (14), and Tone Ilebekk (48) at Wilds Minne School.

When the appeal case reaches the Agder Court of Appeal on Tuesday, the custody question will be central.

In an additional report from Kripos, dated July the 2nd, it appears that the defendant had made data searches which suggest that he showed interest in schoolmates in the days before the killing, reported TV 2.

According to the report, he made 81 searches for schoolmates during the last six days before the killings. It also appears that the 16 year old had done 146 searches on the subject of killing/terrorism in the two months prior to his arrest.

The report also notes that the defendant took the official hunting test (jegerprøven) in the spring before the shootings.

Prosecutor, State Attorney Jan Tallaksen, at the Agder State Attorney General’s Office, said the report would be a topic in court. The appointed defence attorney, Svein Kjetil Stallemo, didn’t want to comment on the report.

The Court of Appeal will only decide on the penalties, and not the question of guilt, since the accused has already pled guilty to carrying out the killings.



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