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Tourism slowed in 2017

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After several years of record high tourism, the tourist flow slowed considerably in 2017. However, the main reason there is a standstill is to Norwegian tourists, the increase in tourists from abroad continues.


Norwegians who vacation in their home country account for about 75 percent of the overnight stays at Norwegian tourism companies. In 2017, that number did not change, and thus the main reason for the stable development, announces Innovation Norway.

The expectations for 2017 were initially high, but the figures now show that it is settling. Only Fjord Norway and Northern Norway had more commercial guest nights last year than the previous year. Eastern Norway has had a declined, with the exception of Oslo and Akershus. Trøndelag and Sørlandet also fell back in numbers.

“Norway is far from full, with the exception of a few places a few weeks a year. We need more visitors throughout the year,” says Tourism Director of Innovation Norway, Bente Bratland Holm.

The important market is Germany and that continues to grow. This also applies to tourism from the US and China. But at the same time there is a marked decline from the neighboring markets Sweden, Denmark and the UK, especially in the winter season.

“Norway is a seasonal destination, where all growth in 2017 came during the summer season. Today, US and Chinese visitors are some of the most important in vulnerable sectors.”

The largest increase from the US came in March, September and October, months which are traditionally hard sells. Therefore, these markets are important for creating growth throughout the year, says Holm.


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