Toxic Alert for Bergen Water

water qualityWater quality, Photo: Norway Today Media

Bergen municipality has issued a recommendation to about 1,600 inhabitants to boil all water used for human consumption after tests revealed E. coli bacteria within the town’s drinking water.


Bergensavisen gives report that most of the 1,600 affected are living within the Nygårdshøyd area of Bergen municipality.

Saturday, July 15th, a major water line ruptured within the township. The E. coli bacterium apparently entered the water supply during repairs to the network.

Håkon Fasting, Operations Manager, Bergen water & wastewater plant gave comment upon the status of potable water in Bergen, saying “We expect that the water supply will be repaired & clean enough to to drink as soon as Monday or perhaps a bit later in the week.’ –

“Those subscribed will receive a text message from the municipality when can report success,” said Fasting.

Escherichia coli (aka E. coli) is a bacterium commonly found in warm blooded animals including man.Most E. coli strains are harmless but some can cause serious food poisoning and are occasionally responsible for food product recalls due to contamination.

Bergen, (Bjorgvin), is a city within Hordaland on the west coast of Norway and is Norway’s second largest city, with a total population of about 300,000 souls.


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