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Toxic gas cloud over Drammen due to leak at Brewery

Toxic gas cloud breweryBrewery, Photo:


Toxic gas cloud over Drammen after leakage at Aass Brewery

There was a light brown and toxic gas cloud over parts of the centre of Drammen after a leakage at Aass Brewery night before Sunday.


The crowd was Saturday night asked to stay away due to the leakage. Crew from the city’s fire station scrambled after having been notified of suspicious smoke coming from Ole Steens gate, which runs along one side of the brewery area.

When they arrived, it turned out to be a leak of corrosive nitric acid from a cracked tank which was the cause. The chemical reaction which occurred made toxic gas which leaked through the breweries’ ventilation systems.

– A light brown gas cloud formed that settled over parts of the city center, says Efforts Leader, Arne Guddal to NRK.

1,000 litres

It was a tank of 1,000 liters that leaked. Around 600 liters were caught in drip trays. It is unclear how much acid that leaked out.

Several people are asked to seek medical attention as a result of the incident.

– There were some people who were close to that experienced stinging in the nose and respiratory tract, says Guddal.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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