Tragic fatality in Nordland

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This afternoon, Statnett received the tragic news that a person has died in connection with work on a power line project in Namsos Lower Røssåga. The accident occurred in the Hemnes municipality in Nordland.

“We have received the sad message that an employee of one of our subcontractors has died,” said Executive Vice President Elisabeth Vardheim Statnett.
“This is the second report of a death we have received in a short time and a heavy day for Statnett. Today is the a time for mourning and our thoughts go out to his family and colleagues,” says Vardheim.
The accident occurred in connection with the use of a line wagon on the power line. All work involving line wagons in all Statnett projects and the operation of all Statnett power lines have been shut off.
Police and Labour Inspection have been notified. Statnett will assist the investigation, in addition to conducting its own investigation, in an attempt to explain on why this happened and avoid similar incidents in the future.
Statnett will assist their contractor Nettpartner and their subcontractors to ensure that everyone gets the help and support they need.

Source: / Norway Today