Trandum-physician posted critical messages about immigration online

TRANDUMTRANDUM.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

One of the doctors’ responsible for health services at the Police Immigration Detention Centre in Trandum, on several occasions expressed criticism of immigration policy, and of asylum seekers on xenophobic websites.

‘Don’t the many Norwegians count, who fought and suffered during the war so that Muhammad and Ahmed would be able to walk in safety to Nav and enjoy its various benefits,’ wrote the doctor in a discussion on one of the sites two years ago, reported the newspaper NyTid.

The doctor is still active at this site, but claims he has changed his attitude, and that his views have not affected the job he’s done.

‘I’ve written things that I would not write today, and I apologize. You learn little by little and change conceptions from time to time, and I have done’, the doctor told NRK news.

The leader of the Medical Association Council on Ethics, Svein Aarseth, thinks it’s wrong to have made such statements, and expects the Police Immigration department to follow up the case.

‘Officials at Trandum should consider the extent to which these attitudes can be said to affect his profession as a doctor, or affect patient confidence in medical services’, said Aarseth.

Jon Ole Martinsen of the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers also reacted.

‘We share the concern about his statements and opinions, and that they may have influenced the job he has done at Trandum,’ said Martinsen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today