Plagued by the stench of European trash

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Muruvik plagued by stench of European trash

Tonnes of smelly, imported trash is stored at Muruvik in Malvik municipality in Trøndelag. That causes residents to react. The bales of trash are marked as ‘Produced in Aberdeen’.

Muruvik harbour is right next to one of the most popular outdoor areas of the Trondheim Fjord.

Statkraft imports thousands of tonnes of refuse from abroad, ever since 2016. Foreign trash represents 2 to 4 per cent of what is recycled by Norwegian facilities in a year.

The first bales of trash, labeled ‘produced in Aberdeen’, arrived in Muruvik in late autumn 2018. The waste also brought its smell along to some of the homes in the area. The residents protested both loud and clear already then, writes NRK.



Heat wave equals stink wave

Statkraft Varme (heating) promised last year to implement measures to reduce the offensive odour. This has, however, not turned out as intended. The stench became particularly intrusive after the heat waves of May and July.

The moving of the trash started this week. That will take months, though. Some waste will, therefore, be covered under roof for the time being.

“About 1,700 tonnes fit into each storage bin. We, additionally, move 100 tonnes to our incineration plant at Heimdal every week,” Chief of Staff of Statkraft Varme, Arvid Wisløff, tells NRK.

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