Passengers on flights after 1 June will billed for air passenger tax

Ving travel agencyOslo. Ving travel agency.Photo: Jon-Michael Josefsen / Scanpix

On Wednesday the controversial and derided air passenger tax will be introduced. Some passengers have already been billed for this fee by their travel company.

– The tax will be introduced on 1 June, which means that anyone traveling after that date charged will be charged with 80 kroner regardless of when they booked the trip. This is a tax  introduced by the government, and it is not income that we get,  CIO Elisabeth Larsen-Vonstett in Ving says to the newspaper VG.

The air passenger tax, which was passed by the government and its supporting parties , is to be imposed on all departures from Norwegian airports at a rate of 80 kroner per passenger, plus VAT, which amounts to 88 kroner in total in addition to the rest of the costs for the ticket.
– But the VAT is only to be paid on domestic flights,  Larsen-Vonstett  says. Because of this,the sum that will be added to the price of the ticket for all Vings travelers over two years is 80 kroner.
According to VG, Startour  will probably also bill their customers who have paid for package holidays for the fee to be implemented after 1 June. SAS and Norwegian inform the newspaper that they will raise fares. SAS will not send an extra bill for the air passenger fee to the people travelling after 1 June who have bough their ticket before that date, while Norwegian has not yet taken a position on the issue.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today