Tromsø above 20 for the 1st time in 2019

Tromsø midnight sunExperrience the midnight sun in Tromsø. Photo:

Tromsø above 20 oC for the 1st time in 2019

Several parts of Norway experience a taste of the upcoming weather. It will be sunny, sunny and then sunny in the coming week – particularly in Northern Norway.


Just before 2 pm on Sunday, 20 degrees Celsius was measured in Tromsø – the thermometer thus creeps into the twenties in the ‘Paris of the North’ for the first time this year.

The temperature can reach nearly 25 degrees in several places in northern Norway. The same is true for Southern and Eastern Norway. In Western and Central Norway, temperatures will not rise to more than about 20 degrees centigrade. It will stay that way through most of the week, though – before it gets a bit cooler towards the end.

The cause of the warm weather is a high pressure near Greenland, heading towards the coast of Norway.

In southern and eastern Norway, there, however, may come some afternoon showers in inner areas, foremost in the first part of the week.

Cool bathing conditions

As the summer has not been very much to write home about thus far, temperature-wise, the bathing temperatures isn’t top-notch either.

In southern Norway, the bathing temperatures this weekend are mostly between 15 and 17 degrees oC. Blefjell Camping in Tinn in Telemark reports of 19, while the Waterworks Dam in Drammen hovers around 18.

In Western, Central and Northern Norway, water temperatures of between 9 and 14 degrees are prevalent.

A period of warm air, such as forecast, will also entail that the bathing temperatures will follow suit.


Mild on Svalbard as well

The meteorologists were optimistic about a heat record on Svalbard on Saturday, but this, alas, turned out to be fake news.

However, 16.1 degrees in Longyearbyen is certainly approvable, although it is far from the record (21.3 degrees). Even Svalbard can look forward to some nice, warm days relatively speaking, but at the end of the week, the temperatures also drop in the archipelago.

Svalbard midnight sun weather

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