Tromsø Municipality divided over mass corona testing of inhabitants

TromsøPhoto: Rune Stoltz Bertinussen / NTB

The leader of the corona center in Tromsø recommends that all of the roughly 76,000 inhabitants in the Municipality get tested. However, the municipal leadership disagrees.

“I would recommend that everyone takes a test now. Then we will have the opportunity to discover those who are symptom-free,” leader of the corona center Per Harald Korsmo told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

However, in a press release, the Municipality stated that this is not the Municipality’s recommendation.

“The advice is as it has been in recent days: If you have been to one of the places where there has been an infection case, we encourage you to get tested. 

The FHI criteria

“This list is on the Municipality’s website and is updated. If you have symptoms of a cold or respiratory symptoms, we also encourage you to get tested,” the press release stated.

Municipal chief physician Kathrine Kristoffersen believes that one should have a low threshold for testing, but she disagrees with Korsmo that everyone should test themselves, regardless of symptoms.

“The test recommendations apply to those who meet the test criteria from the FHI,” she told NRK.

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