Rwandan pleads guilty to murder at Tromsøya

Police, TromsøyaTromsø.Police. Photo: Jan-Morten Bjørnbakk / NTB scanpix

Asylum seeker from Rwanda admits guilt to murder at Tromsøya

A 36-year-old asylum seeker who has been indicted for murder at Tromsøya, acknowledged guilt when the trial began Tuesday.



The man, originally from Rwanda, was the boyfriend of Linn Olsen Uteng (32).

He is accused of having killed her with a knife last summer, writes VG.

The deceased’s family is in the audience to follow the case which will run for five days in Nord-Troms District Court in Tromsø.

The defendant called the police himself and informed about the murder.

One and a half hour later they found Uteng stabbed to death in an apartment on Tromsøya (Tromsø Island) .

The asylum seeker was present in the dwelling. He was arrested and charged with the murder, which he later acknowledged during interrogations.

Stabbed several times

In the accusation, state prosecutor, Tor Børge Nordmo, writes that the man stabbed the 32-year-old woman a number of times in the chest with a knife.

Five of the stabs penetrated the lungs. Uteng died shortly after.

In his opening lecture, the prosecutor said that it was about 22 knife wounds.

The two met at an asylum reception in Tromsø where Uteng worked. The 36-year-old came to Norway in 2008, and received a final rejection on his asylum application in October 2010.

Since then, he has remained illegally in Norway, but because he entered the wrong identity by saying that he came from Congo, it has not been possible to send him out of the country.

New relationship

When the case began Tuesday, said the prosecutor that the deceased had started a relationship with another man when she was killed.

In the autumn of 2015, the 36-years-old in stayed in Denmark. When he returned the following May, Uteng had, according Nordmo, a new boyfriend.

– There may have been some difficulties around this, the prosecutor said, according to VG.

District Court Judge Harald Tore Roaldsen wanted to know about the defendant and the deceased was involved romantically on the day of the murder. The 36-years-old replied that it was difficult to say.

– At the same time I learned that she had been with another guy, and that she would not talk about, and I did not appreciate that, he said among other things.


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