Trøndelag KrF sends 11 reds & 2 blues

Hareide Trøndelag KrFChristian Democrat Leader, Hareide, wants to enter into Government with Labour and the Centre Party and is gaining on the opposition: Collage: NTM

Trøndelag KrF sends 11 reds & 2 blues to National Assembly

Trøndelag KrF (Christian Democrats) decides to send eleven delegates in support of Knut Arild Hareide to the extraordinary National Assembly in November. The end result may end up to be decided by Hareide’s double vote.


A total of 73 delegates votes to for the left and wants 17 to go to the right. Two delegates vote blank.

Before the election on direction, a vote was also held on whether the party seek Government power at all. 13 of the 92 delegates votes for the party to remain in opposition, which means that the county will send one delegate to vote for the third option.

– It became a very neat and good meeting, and the delegates were clear about how they want Trøndelag KrF to be reflected at the National Assembly, says County Leader in Trøndelag KrF, Jon Normann Tviberg, to NTB.

Surprises Hareide

It was anticipated in advance that there would be a large majority in Trøndelag to seek Government cooperation with Labour and the Centre Party.

Leader for the Christian Democrats, Knut Arild Hareide, is nevertheless surprised that the result is so clear in his favour.

– I am very pleased with the result in Trøndelag Krf. It is better than expected, says Hareide, who attended the County Council meeting in Hordaland, to the newspaper Aftenposten.

The County Leader opts left

Tviberg has not expressed his position before the meeting. When he entered the lecture in Skogn on Saturday he made it clear that he supports a Government alternative together with Labour (Ap) and the Centre Party (Sp).

– I feel the process beforehand and that all delegates will feel that their views are taken into account is more important than flagging my personal point of view. Nor are there so many members who have asked me what I wish for – it’s primarily the media that has done that, Tviberg informs.

Facts about the National Assembly of KrF

158 out of 190 delegates are elected before the extraordinary National Assembly on November 2nd, where KrF will choose whether the party will work together with the bourgeois, red-green or to remain an opposition party, supporting the bourgeois Government.

The Right: Conservatives, Progress Party, Liberals (Current Norwegian Government).

The Left: Labour, Centre Party (Support party: Socialists).

Others: The Greens, Red (opposition regardless of outcome).


County / bodyRightLeft(Right)(Left)?
Central Board551
KrFU (Youth)75
KrF Women3342
Sogn & Fjordane241
Møre & Romsdal44211
Total (Prelim)63682061
Total (Prelim, r-l)83741

*) The delegates have not been chosen yet (October 28th-30th)


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