Trønder terrorist accused of PST

PST right-wing extremist terrorism spy indicted RussianNorwegian Police Security Service (PST) headquarters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A 32 years old Norwegian man from Verdal been arrested and charged for supporting the extremist group ISIS. On Tuesday the man was extradited from Turkey to Norway, reports TV2.

The 32 years old man had traveled from Norway to Syria in 2014 after having disappeared from psychiatric treatment. He has been seen alive later in ISIS-capital, Raqqa, in Syria.

In June this year, he crossed the border into Turkey and was arrested by the Turkish authorities.
He has been imprisoned in the city Gaziantep until he was extradited to Norway. The man is one of three Trøndere who traveled to Syria.

– Police Security Service (PST) arrested the man on Tuesday night. He is a Norwegian citizen in his 30s and is charged with participation in a terrorist organization.

He has a time been imprisoned in Turkey and was yesterday returned to Norway accompanied by officials from the PST and arrested upon arrival. He will be called for remand one of the coming days, says communications director Trond Hugubakken from PST to TV2.

The first two who have been called were a couple, a woman from Verdal and a man from Levanger. Both were in their 20s. The man, now extradited from Turkey, was an acquaintance of the couple and went there later. The man from Levanger have been killed in Syria.

Five people in Norway have so far been convicted of involvement in the terrorist group Islamic State. Several are in custody, and it is expected that their cases to be completed in the autumn. In total, around 90 people traveled from Norway to join the terrorist group Islamic State.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today