Trondheim adopts mandatory use of face masks in public transport

TrondheimPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Following very high infection rates recently, the Trondheim Municipality has decided to introduce new corona measures in the city.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, 163 corona infection cases have been registered in Trondheim. The infection record was set on November 3, when there were 218 new cases of infection. The new measures were unanimously adopted and will apply until November 23.

The adopted regulations entail mandatory use of face masks in taxis and on public transport if one cannot keep a distance of one meter from others. In addition, face masks are recommended in stores, malls, hairdressers, skin care salons, and similar services.

The traffic light

The traffic light model will be introduced again in the primary school in Trondheim. Schools shall be classified as “green,” “yellow,” or “red” depending on the infection situation, and measures shall be introduced to limit contact between students accordingly.

Anyone living with an infected person is advised to avoid participating in social and leisure activities.

In addition, the Municipality recommends work from home to anyone with an infection case in their household. 

Low threshold for testing

The Municipality also recommends a low threshold for testing, that people keep distance from others with respiratory symptoms, and that people do not visit nursing homes if they have respiratory symptoms or infection in their household.

The proposal that was adopted was put forward by the Center Party’s Marte Løvik, and got the support of all parties. 

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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  1. Something here about finally closing and locking the zoo pen door far too long after the den of spitting cobras has escaped and is out there killing.
    It is precisely the stubbornly *arrogant* stupidity of political “authorities” and their “experts” – or the “experts” and their common-sense-less political authorities *they* run? – which is so infuriating.
    Norway is becoming Sweden in more than one horrible way, it seems.

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