Tropical storm brings summer temperatures

summer temperaturesOslo. Photo: Ivar Ekseth / NTB Scanpix

Tropical storm generates summer temperatures in southern Norway

There will be very high temperatures in the south of Norway on Tuesday, reports the Meteorological Institute on Twitter Monday.


State Meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute in Oslo, Kristian Gislefoss, explains that this is due to the tropical storm Helene.

“The main reason is Helene, who has been down in the Atlantic and beyond Africa, before it is now heading north to the British Isles and Ireland. It brings a lot of humid air up to us, so temperatures will rise above 20 degrees centigrade tomorrow,” explains Gislefoss.

The warmest will be in Oslo, where temperatures have been reported up to 24 degrees, but it is reported that it can be just above 20 degrees in the coastal areas as well.

Gislefoss says that the weather goes back to normal in Western Norway on Wednesday, but in Eastern Norway you can enjoy the balmy weather until Thursday.

“On Wednesday, Western Norway gets a lot of wind and precipitation, and the temperature will drop there, but Eastern Norway will still have warmer temperatures. This will last until Thursday. Then it’s back to about 15 degrees centigrade and autumn weather.”


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