Trump asks Clinton to respect U.S. election results

Donald TrumpDonald Trump.Manhattan, New York, U.S.Photo: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Donald Trump believes it is ridiculous of Hillary Clinton and her staff to demand a vote recount, and says they have to respect the election results.

The move comes after The Green Party presidential candidate, Jill Stein, on Friday filed a formal petition to the Election Commission in the state of Wisconsin, claiming that votes cast in the state during the presidential elections must be counted again.

On Saturday, Clinton’s campaign staff declared that they endorse the requirement. There have also been demands for recounts in several other swing states.

But Trump calls it ‘ridiculous’, and ‘trickery’. In a statement on Saturday, he criticised Jill Stein. Trump also referred to
the fact that Hillary Clinton, when she congratulated him on his victory after the election, had said that ‘the election results had to be respected’.

The reason given for the recount is that several quarters questioned the election results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania
and Michigan.

Those are important swing states located in the so-called ‘rust belt’, where experts and advocates believe the evidence
indicates large irregularities. According to Stein’s ‘deviation’ reasoning, she wants a recount.

Hillary Clinton lost by about 27,000 votes in Wisconsin, 60,000 in Pennsylvania and in Michigan, where Donald Trump
won by 10,704. If Clinton had beaten Trump in these states, she’d have won the presidential election on November 8.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today